The AARP Life Insurance (previously called the American Association of Real) is a group of interest-based in the United States that focuses on matters that affect people over fifty. According to the organization, he had over 38 million members in 2018. The magazine and newsletter that send their members are the two largest magazines in the country.AARP-Life-Insurance The early founder of AARP was Ethel Percy Andrus (California retirement educator) and Leonard Davis (later founder of the Colonial Group of Insurance Companies). In the United States, it is an influential lobby group. AARP sells market insurance markets and markets and other services to its members.

After the group’s official history, the AARP of the National Association of Teachers Ritios (NRTA) was developed, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus founded it in 1947 to promote his philosophy of productive aging and promote insurance diseases for retired teachers. Looking for group insurance protection for retired teachers, Andrus was rejected by dozens of private insurance companies, which was at this stage that adults “were not safe” over 65 years. In 1955, Continental Casualty Co. He agreed to offer retired teachers in the state of New York.AARP-Life-Insurance-Work-Place The experience was a financial success and, three years later, NTA’s health plan was extended to the national level. In 1958, Dr. Andrus, the American Association of Encantology (AARP) was an organization of the NTA sister. The AARP association granted the general population 55 years or more access to insurance benefits, which was previously limited to a former teacher.

Other sources claim that the group originated in an alternative way. In an exhibition of 1978, 60 minutes reported that the AARP of Leonard Davis, founder of the Colonial Penn Group insurance companies, had been created as a marketing device after meeting Ethel Percy Andrus. According to the criticism, Aarp was controlled by Davis until the 1980s, which promoted his image of non -a profit defender for retirement to sell insurance to members.

The AARP cut the bonds with Davis in 1979 and began to fall in love with Penn’s colonial products. AARP sought competitive insurance coverage offers and chose Prudential Insurance Company of America in 1981 to sign the group’s health insurance for AARP members.