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Unless you have a significant pre-existing medical condition and question your ability to pass a medical evaluation, we do not recommend AARP level life insurance through NYLaarp. The price for an insurance policy is spectacularly high (unlike “tier term” policies, “tier benefit” means the death benefit stays the same as AARP Life Insurance Rates increase), and coverage ends when you turn 80 years old.AARP-Life-InsuranceAARP offers life insurance coverage for members ages 50 to 74, and policies can be converted to perpetual life insurance at any time during the policy term. The death benefits of life insurance range from $10,000 to $100,000, which means a mortgage or any other large financial obligations may not be covered. AARP death benefits are limited in part because its policies do not require a medical examination to qualify for coverage.


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NYLaarp life insurance policies are for one year and are renewable annually. While this gives you flexibility, the downside is that your premiums will increase as you get older. Your starting bonuses are determined by the 5-year age group you are in, and each time you pass into a new group, the AARP Life Insurance Rates increase.

To illustrate this, let’s say you’re a 60-year-old male who wants $100,000 coverage for 15 years. Under the AARP New York Life program, you would pay three different rewards over those 15 years.

Basic Information Required To Create An Online AARP Account

To use all the features of the AARP Life Insurance Online Login Portal (, you must first have an online account with them. Managing your police force online is easy.

Creating an account takes just a few minutes. YOU will need the following to get started:

One of the following:

  • Contract number (located on your award notification)
  • Certificate number (from your insurance certificate)
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 social security numbers
  • Valid Email Address

If you are a new user looking to manage your police force online, simply follow the steps to create an account before proceeding to the AARP Life Insurance enrollment steps.

AARP Life Insurance Login Steps

If you already have AARP Life Insurance online account, you can easily make a payment, update your personal information, manage your beneficiaries, and more. you may manage your policy at any time. It’s simple to go into your online account, and you’ll need your login information just like on other online platforms. To log into your online account, follow these simple steps:

  • The first step is to go to and enter your username and password as indicated in the image above and click Log in.
  • If your login details are correct then you will be taken to your account where you will the full access to manage your policies.
  • Then create an online AARP life insurance account
  • To create an account, you need to click on the account registration page on the customer service center login page.
  • YOU will need your policy or certificate number, your date of birth, the last four digits of your social security number, and a valid email address to create an account.
  • You will find the contact number on the premium notice or insurance certificate. Just click “Create Account” to get started.

AARP Life Insurance Products

AARP and NYLaarp offer group and whole life insurance for seniors, as well as whole life insurance for minors. All of their policies are either simplified issuance or guaranteed acceptance, which means there is no medical examination, and coverage is issued very quickly. The downside is that insurers assume that applicants take more risk and therefore charge significantly higher AARP Life Insurance Rates.

AARP members are also eligible for these policies (which means they must be at least 50 years of age to be eligible) and membership costs between $12 and $16 per year, depending on your method of membership. payment.


While AARP Whole Life Insurance rates are incredibly high, for certain health profiles they are competitive with other untested policies. However, you still need to buy and get multiple quotes. Depending on your age, height/weight ratio, smoking habits, and health reactions, medical exam quotes for life insurance can vary greatly. Using the example above, a policy of $100,000 over 15 years without health care for a 60-year-old would cost:

Packages Available

AARP offers only four insurance plans. You do not have to undergo a medical exam to apply for any of the plans; instead, you simply answer questions about your health. Eligibility is limited to AARP Whole Life Insurance members ages 50 to 74 and their spouses ages 45 to 74.AARP-Life-Insurance-PlansLifetime benefit level

You can get coverage from $10,000 to $100,000 with the AARP Level Benefits life insurance policy. Unlike other life insurance policies, you cannot choose your term; Instead, your policy expires when you turn 80, regardless of when you AARP Life Insurance Login.

Permanent Life

AARP permanent life insurance offers up to $50,000 of coverage. AARP Life Insurance Rates are guaranteed to never increase and your policy is for life.

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

If you purchase guaranteed acceptance life insurance, you can get coverage of up to $25,000. A medical exam is not required, and you only need to answer one health question to apply for insurance. If you are not terminally ill, adoption is guaranteed and your AARP Life Insurance Rates will never increase.

Start young life insurance

AARP Whole Life Insurance members are able to purchase perpetual life insurance for their child or grandchild under the age of 18. You can get up to $20,000 of coverage for them and build cash value over time. When the child turns 21, he becomes the account holder and pays the premiums. Life insurance from Young Start is not available in Maryland, NYLaarp, or Washington.

Available Passengers

Life insurance usually comes with the option to add insurance premiums, also called tabs, to your plan. Drivers can add or adjust their coverage so they can access benefits sooner or even cover their premiums if they are in a nursing home.

compare prices

We compared this to the offerings for a $100,000 15-year policy from AARP New York Life and five other major life insurance companies. As you can see below, NYLaarp life insurance is significantly more expensive, regardless of whether you have excellent, average health, or are even a smoker.

The AARP Life Insurance Program Offers

AARP Permanent life insurance members with terminal illnesses and have a life expectancy of 24 months or less and have AARP permanent life insurance, you can receive up to 50% of your benefit amount while continuing to benefit from the benefit accelerator. In AARP New York Life, you must have a life expectancy of 12 months or less to use this guide.

Even if you are confined to an eligible nursing home for 180 or more consecutive days, the premium waiver will not require you to pay future premiums. Only qualified care facilities are eligible; Service residences and nursing homes are not entitled to this benefit.

Customer service For AARP Members

New York Life pays AARP royalties to use the organization’s name and intellectual property in connection with the AARP life insurance program, allowing you to AARP Life Insurance Phone Number AARP New York Life if you experience customer service issues.AARP-Life-Insurance-Customer-Service

The online call center allows you to make AARP Life Insurance Payment, download the necessary forms, and update your beneficiaries. While you cannot submit a claim online, you can download the necessary package to start the claim process.

To contact customer service, call 800-607-6957. Our customer service hours are as follows:

Monday through Friday: 8:00am – 8:00pm EST

Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time

AARP Life Insurance No Medical Examination Required

The New York Life AARP Full Life Policy is not a simplified issuance policy. Sometimes called death expense or funeral insurance, the death benefit available is usually enough to cover funeral expenses and some debt. The AARP life insurance policy offers coverage ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 for members between the ages of 50 and 80.

Whole life policies, especially non-medical ones, generally have a higher premium. Knowing this, we also do not recommend this policy unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from purchasing traditional life insurance. However, if you are over 50 and have had a well-controlled illness for more than 2 years, this may be an option for you.


AARP Life Insurance Phone Number, like other whole life policies, creates cash value. This money can be borrowed when needed. A unique feature of AARP life insurance policies is that premium payments end at age 95. Yes, we know most people don’t live to age 95, but the ability to stop paying at 95 and still be covered is not common among life insurance companies.

Contribution Waiver: If you have to stay in a nursing home due to disability or illness, no contribution will be charged for the duration of your stay or until you reach the age of 80. The precondition for exemption from contributions is a stay in a nursing home. for at least 6 months.

Accelerated Death Benefit: This feature is included in all life insurance policies and is therefore not unique to the AARP Life Insurance Phone Number. This supplement gives you access to up to 50% of your policy’s death benefit if a doctor determines that you are terminally ill and have a life expectancy of 12 months or less.

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Common Questions

How do I contact AARP Life Insurance?

AARP Life Insurance Phone Number: (800) 607-6957. The New York Life Insurance Company (NAIC #66915) underwrites the AARP Life Insurance Program. Members of AARP Burial Insurance must be members of the organization.

How do I make an AARP payment?

Automatic checking account, credit, or debit card payments: AARP Life Insurance Login online to receive automatic payments from your checking account, credit, or debit card. Go to and log in to your member profile.

Does AARP life insurance expire?

You can get coverage from $10,000 to $100,000 with the AARP Level Benefits life insurance policy. Unlike other life insurance policies, you cannot choose your term; Instead, your policy expires when you turn 80, regardless of when you signed up.

Is my AARP membership active?

Click the VERIFY AARP SUBSCRIPTION button below to see if you are logged into the AARP website and will be prompted to log in if you are not. If your AARP Life Insurance Login was successful and your paid AARP membership is up to date, you will be automatically redirected to the instructions page for your free trial.

Is AARP only for seniors?

While the AARP is for people over 50, there is no minimum age to participate. People of all ages can get an auto-renewing AARP membership for just $12 a year. Anyone can become an AARP member and access hundreds of discounts, programs, and resources.

Can AARP life insurance be paid for by credit card?

Use your debit or credit card to make a payment or AARP Life Insurance Login for our recurring card payment option. If you manage your payments here, you can also save your payment information so you can easily find yourself the next time you log in. Make a quick and one-time payment.


Although AARP’s life insurance products come from a solid financial company, AARP New York Life Insurance, they seem to receive a lot of criticism for how they handle claims. That said, and due to the fact that their products are often much more expensive than most of their competitors, we do not recommend AARP Burial Insurance programs. Even the most unhealthy, if they buy it, can find a better deal. If you have any questions, just let us know.

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